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Payment Methods

The payment methods for Greece are as follows:


1. By charging your VISA and MASTERCARD credit card. Your credit card will be charged on the date you complete and submit the order form.

2. Via Pay Pal. Shipping costs are borne solely by the sender.

3. With the possibility of depositing the money in one of our cooperating banks:


NATIONAL BANK GR0201101460000014600299201

EUROBANK GR2902602940000860200915530

PIRAEUS BANK GR4701720490005049061505129


*Don't forget to add Full Name or Business Name to the justification of your bank deposit. Also, if the payment is made by another bank, the transport costs are borne exclusively by the sender.


4. Cash on delivery upon receipt of the products. Payment by cash on delivery will not be possible when the total value of the order is greater than €500 or it is for delivery outside Greece.